Building Desire

Hold my breath,
Count to ten,
Hope to God,
You'll come back again.

Need you here,
Breathe life in me,
I want your love,
Don't go, don't leave.

Ache in my bones,
And dry in my heart,
Give one more chance,
A fresh start.

Internal Crave

I still want you,
I want you bad,
Don't know how to explain it,
I can't contain it.

My head is spinning,
I want you here,
I've been waiting now,
For over a year.

I know things were bad,
But it's in the past,
And I'd give everything,
Just to have you back.

This internal crave,
Is stirring in the depths of me,
Come back to me love,
You know we were always meant to be.


Fake Lies

Fuck you for your lies,
Fuck me for believing them,
Fuck the things you said,
And how I fell for them.

You were just like every other,
I was stupid to fall,
I was stupid to hope,
That we'd ever be together at all.

I'm done with guys like you,
You were a liar and a fake,
I was open to try someone new,
But forget that, screw you.

**P.S. If you read this dad, sorry for all the f-bombs I dropped. It's just how I was feeling and I needed to let it out. Please don't be mad!



You tell me you like me,
You plant all your lies,
You water the deceit,
Cloaked in your disguise.

You ensnare your next victim,
Unaware of the danger,
You slowly draw poison,
Dead asleep not to stir her.

Slowly dying intoxication,
It's slowly killing me,
Your appeal was amazing,
Now death encompasses me.



You've swept me off my feet,
Got me dying to see you soon,
Your kiss- it was so sweet,
Under a summer moon.

I felt my heart beat,
As soon as I laid eyes on you,
Something I'd like to keep,
Something that could be true.

So sweep me away,
I'll follow you,
You've got me captivated,
And I've fallen hard for you.


Catch Me As I Fall.. <3

Starry Night,
Summer Sky,
See I've found,
A sweet surprise.

Instantly falling,
So fast and clear,
With just one look,
To hold you here.

Something in those,
Sparkling eyes,
Caught me off guard,
A good surprise.

So unexpected,
And so brand new,
What would you do,
If I fell for you?

New Sketches <3

Some stuff I've done over the summer. (Put this up for Becca! love you darling)
Anyways, hope you like it :)


The Problem

Rip my heart out,
As I sit and take it,
Tell me broken lies,
To cover and fake it.

Hide the guilt and shame,
Break my heart,
I wasn't ever good enough,
From the very start.

I'm sick of trying to please you,
When nothing I do is right,
I'm tired of being the reason,
For every stupid fight.

So put all the blame upon my shoulders,
I'm obviously the real problem,
Cause what do I matter,
When nothing can solve them.


I hate all your words,
And I hate all your lies,
I hate being here,
With your fake disguise.

I know you hate me,
I can see it your eyes,
Don't pretend to love me,
It's me you despise.

I know I'm not good enough,
And I'm so sick of trying,
I'm so done with tears,
And I'm so sick of crying.

Two more years,
And you'll have your wish,
I'll be gone from you,
I know I won't be missed.

So save all the pretending,
It's no use anymore,
Not when I can see right through you,
And it leaves me torn.



So what if I feel vulnerable,
So what if I'm weak,
What would you do,
If you had scars that ran deep.

What if I'm empty,
Misused in despair,
Left to be broken,
Without repair.

What would you do,
With a heart that can't be mended,
Would you cherish and love it,
Or abandon and bend it?