Climb the wall,
Conquer the fear,
Relinquish the tears,
Kiss passionately the rest of your years.


These are the nights I ponder,
I'm missing being held,
I miss your loving arms,
Things started so well.

Wordless looks- an anchor,
It weighs down my heart down,
In the sea of tears,
Those who look on frown.

It is such a sad sight to see,
A love that's been relinquished,
Should the flame spark again,
Or remain diminished?

Or should the heart love another,
Would it be a treason.
These I ponder daily,
No answer I receive to with it reason..



Another night fills the sky,
For every effort and every try,
For the one above,
He governs out hearts with love,
He calls another home,
He does not leave us alone.

I Want To Be Pursued...

I love your smile,
The way you laugh,
You've got me going,
Going fast.

You're so shy darling,
It's plain to see,
I'm captivated,
So pursue me.


Being told to follow my heart,
Is what I do,
But why is it so hard,
When it breaks you.

I hate to cause the pain,
I hate to cause the tears,
But I've learned it's better to trust your heart,
To conquer and face your fears.

*I'm sorry for everything, but I had to follow my heart and listen to my gut feelings.


Georgia Flood

Crashing down
A long spiral
I am a lost cause
Hope forgotten
The rain continues on...


Wedding Tears

Tears fall from Heaven,
We mourn together,
A friendship broken,
This heart is weathered.

One last blow,
Searing pain,
All wounds re-opened,
I am slain.



Rain on my
Window pane
The gateway
To my tortured
Soul,do you not
See the disguise
The pitter-patter
Of each new
Drop fills me up and
Over flows out through
My eyes, and like the
Clouds, I cry.

Treasured Gold

When I look in the mirror,
I see a dirty rag,
When I look at myself,
I see something bad.

But when you look at me,
I am the mirror,
You see a pile of gold,
What you see is,
Your perfect son,
To treasure and to hold.


The heavy rain
On the well-built roof
That has sheltered a
Young soul for years
In each drop lies
A memory
Reminded of all the years
Held by a soothing voice
When fury comes out in tears
The rain falls on
My heavy heart
Like the weathered stones in
The worn-down pavement
Built up long ago
As if it was yesterday
A small, blue cup of tea
Ignites my long- lost
Try to push back the pain
Bottled up
But it won't go until
Until the last water droplet
Turns cold.


Used again,
You're my demise,
I am hidden,
In my disguise.

Eyes red and swollen,
Unfallen tears,
Wear me out,
Year to year.

My downfall is my latest pleasure,
Hide my torture,
Behind each scar,
Why do I surrender?


Sensibility and Uncertainty

Back and forth,
So many times,
Has got me down and blue.

I want to give up on happiness,
I want to give up on you.

Yet I am scared and all alone,
Don't wanna be torn in two.


You're beautiful,
And you don't see,
The beauty within and out,
You don't believe me.

You glass-like smile,
Its perfection unmatched,
You're so appealing,
Easily attached.

A free bird,
Your beauty to spread its wings,
Take on the world,
Live out your dreams.


Can hardly breathe,
Back up darling, please,
You're smothering me.


You disgust me,
With your proper poise,
Your self-righteousness,
And how you're coy.

You sneak around,
Seeking each victim after another,
Your poison consumes,
The victim is smothered.

You wear a fake mask,
You think I can't see,
The treachery hidden,
The man you'll always be.



Stop my breathing,
The pain is seething,
Bring the healing,
Your looks are deceiving.

Stop the crying,
Start the dying,
Your treacherous lying,
Has got me writhing.

You stupid boy- you're conniving,
Your haughty looks- I'm not buying,
Your smooth talk is so defiling,
You plan against me- you're conspiring.

But you won't be my downfall,
I see your fear,
You insecure boy,
Just disappear.

Withered Rose

I'm not your toy,
For you to use,
Whenever you feel the need.

You can't just go back and forth,
My heart,
Never fallen so low.

Your lies are poison,
They consume my thoughts,
The venom overflows,
Through my veins,
I am a withered rose.


Poem For Art :)

You and me- simplicity,
Joy in purest form,
Love that ran so deeply,
Made to be broke and torn.

Giving all I ever had,
Was never even enough,
You left me cold and bare,
You gave up on us.

We had such perfect harmony,
Something to hold on to,
Until you broke the perfection,
And told me that we're through.


Too Much

Sickening sweet,
Stomach turning,
Got in too deep.

What to do now,
You're so sweet,
Drowning me,
I am weak.

A Hole

Consume the desire,
Fill my belly,
Need to be satisfied,
Inhale daily.

Poor hands dig,
At the last crumb,
A hole in the pit of my stomach,
Leaves me numb.


Nothing Special

So delicious,
I thirst for more,
Feed my hunger,
Fill my core.

Darling, love,
You're too good to be,
What makes you fall for me?

Sweetie, I'm not so special,
Why do you love me,
You make my heart flutter,
What brought you to me?


I love how you stop and stare,
You break down all walls,
You leave me bare.

Just Because

Your touch consumes me,
Feed the fire,
Fuel the flames,
The passion grows higher,
You knew how to ignite the spark,
In all the right places,
The heat burns around me,
The desire grows intense,
I can't stop this sensation,
I want more and more,
You've undressed me,
And fired up my core,
The tangled up sheets,
Leave a business to be finished,
A passion to carry out,
The fire to be diminished.

**BTW_ This is in NO way, shape or form about me. Just a random poem that came to my mind and I put on paper.

My Sister <3

Perfect, simplistic,
My other half,
Finer than the purest gold,
A friendship & sisterhood,
Meant to always last.

Two years and the best ones of my life,
Helped me through the pain, sorrow and strife,
Not complete without her,
My constant cure.

Like a drug,
You're too good to be,
A friendship so important,
My sister means the world to me.

Pennsylvania Boy

You used me,
Your pleasure,
Was only for you.

My heart,
Not a concern,
You tore me in two.

A one week fling,
Got too deep for you,
So you packed your heart up,
And left my heart blue.

You stopped communication,
For such a long time,
Well guess what darling,
I was doing fine.

What made you come back,
Who the hell do you think you are,
Do you not see all these scars?

I'm not your toy,
You can't seek and destroy.

Who are you to just expect,
Anything from me,
Can't you see sweetie,
I'm out of your league.


Your eyes- they captivated,
The moment I saw you,
I savor the memory
It's too good to spare.

Your taste- so appealing,
But my heart said beware.

Been broke before,
And torn to the core,
You're not like the others,
You won't leave me sore.


A Part..

A part of me wants the first one,
A part of me wants the next,
A part of me wants the ones in between,
A part of me wants the last.

A part of me wants a reason,
A part of me hides the truth,
A part of me is dying,
A part of me is missing you.

A part of me is filled with self-doubt,
A part of me wants to scream out,
A part of me is holding back,
A part of me wants to get out.

A part of me is uncertain,
A part of me is unclear,
A part of me wants to push you away,
A part of me is fear.

A part of me is loving,
A part of me is needing you near,
A part of me desires,
A part of me is tears.

A part of me is secrets,
A part of me is past,
A part of me is renewal,
A part of me is steadfast.

A part of me is victory,
A part of me is defeat,
A part of me is sometimes strong,
While the other part is weak.



Life is full of heartache,
It's full of joy too,
It's full of big decisions,
And full of missing you.

Life is full of trouble,
Disappointment and despair,
Full of feeling empty,
Full of needing repair.

Life is also full of joy,
Excitement and confusion,
Full of craziness,
Sometimes can be an illusion.

Make life the fullest,
Whatever life gives you,
Inhale every opportunity,
Learn from every thing you do.



Dance for joy,
Leap in faith,
I know I've finally,
Found the right place.

Lord I asked,
And you renewed,
Thank you for drawing me back,
Pulling me close to you.