Thoughts on Today...

So today was okay, got to hang out with Catherine.
That was fun.
But that was really the only fun I had today.
Still wondering though,
Is this ever gonna get easier God?
When? And why me?
When will you take this hurt from me?
What did I do to have to go through this...
It doesn't feel fair, and yeah yeah I know,
"Life isn't fair but everything happens for a reason"
I wish i just knew what that reason was
And I wish God that you would take this away,
I'm so sick of this pain and hurt.
I want things to be good in my life again.
I want my parents not to fight and to not have to need to go to counseling.
I want my mistakes taken back and things with that situation go back to being good again.
I wish I wasn't unsure of who I can truly trust or not. I want my happy life back.
I'm so tired of feeling like this.
Please God, if possible, make this go soon.

Breaking Point

I'm on the edge of breaking point,
Not knowing what to do,
God give me strength to face each day,
Because I'm barely making it through.

I'm hanging here out on the edge,
Hanging by a thread,
My hope is fading too,
God cleanse my heart and make me clean,
And heal all these wounds.


The Fire...

Why such passion?
Why this desire?
Don't they know,
You get burned by the fire.

Bex <3

Don't give up.
Don't lose hope.
The road is hard.
But I gotta let you know.
You are loved more than you know.
Your friendship- I treasure more than
Words can expose. I understand what you
Are going through- Because I've been there too.
To die? I'll admit it- I've considered that option too.
But it's not worth it, there are so many who need you.
I need you more than you probably know or can understand,
You're the only one I really and truly get and can relate to.
I don't know what I would do if I lost- I can't even imagine the thought.
You're too precious to me, the only one I deeply connect to. So yeah,
Life is hard, and at times you completely feel like giving up. I've been there
And done that, and I know I've screwed up so much in my life, but it is worth
Pressing on. The end prize will be worth it so please girl, continue on.

I love you Becca for what its worth and I love you no matter what and exactly the way you are. You are truly one of my best friends I have ever had. I truly treasure our close friendship. It is such a blessing to me, it really truly is. I'm so blessed by you in my life and I thank God for giving me a friend like you that I can tell you absolutely anything and you won't judge me for my mistakes, you won't tell anyone else, you can support me and encourage me. You're the only one I can open up to and not feel like I'm being judged or anything. You are so sweet and precious to me and I'm so glad we are such close friends and we can relate so well. It's been so hard not having anyone to relate to that has gone through the stuggles I have and gets me. It feels so good to know that there is someone who can relate to me and be there for me when i go through hard times. I love you girl, don't ever forget that. Best Friends till the very end.



Practically Amazing

Okay, so i am seriously in love with nature.
Its so- captivating
Its so- incredible
Its so- breath-taking
Its so- beautiful
Only an amazing creator could create things like these:

*All the pictures were taken by this girl- Love these pictures. They are absolutely gorgeous. Ah, I just love nature. :)

In Love with You

The sayings become true,

Whenever I’m with you,

Butterflies running throughout me,

Heart skips every other beat,

Smile breaks in a fast pace,

Eyes glance at his familiar face,

Fingers tangled up in mine,

Two hands that intertwine,

Lips that kiss me tenderly,

A love that warms me suddenly,

If all this is really true,

Could it be that I’m in love with you.

*Written on 8/26/08.

The Perfect Kind of Love

The face I’ve grown to know,

The hands I love to hold,

The smile that warms my soul,

His heart purer than the finest gold.

I tremble beneath his soft touch,

I lose my breath at the sound of his voice,

And melt at one glance in those eyes.

He soothes my soul when I’m at my lowest,

Comforts me at my weakest,

Loves me even at my worst.

His love amazes me everyday,

His sadness would be unbearable,

His happiness brings me joy.

His words melt the core of my heart,

His embrace makes it impossible to breathe,

This kind of love from him, I never wanna leave.

*Written on 8/25/08.