And it makes me... smile :)

The things that I love bring a smile to my face:

The feeling of cool sand between your toes,

The warm sunshine against your face on summer days,

The smell of clean,

The feeling of a summer shower when the sun is still shining,

Blowing bubbles on a breezy summer day,

The taste of cold lemonade on a hot hot day,

The feeling of the breeze blowing through your hair when the windows are rolled down,

A smile from ones you love,

The crisp sounds leaves make in the fall,

The warmth of a blanket wrapped around you,

The comfort of hot chocolate on a cold winter night,

The rush of perfect kiss,

The happiness of being loved,

The joy of a close friendship,

The bliss of a day that's gone just right,

Butterflies that go crazy in the pit of your stomach,

Chocolate kisses on a not-so-great day,

The trust of a true friend,

The hope of a bright future,

And the knowledge of a perfect eternity.