An Ode To Fall :]

It's fall once more as summer leaves turn red,
Brilliant colors across a changing world,
We slay orange bodies, scoop out all in sight,
Our glowing pumpkins cast their ghoulish light,
With glitter wings and wands or witches hats,
Our colorful costumes set out tonight,
The many mazes getting lost in corn,
and hayrides fill our autumn days with joy,
On chilly evenings filled with icy scorn,
A mug of steaming cider warms my toes,
It's time for giving thanks and tasty feasts,
of pumpkin pies and candied apples red,
It's time for overcoats and warm scarves too,
And boots with tights and more fun things to do.


Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?
Remember that time,
we armed ourselves with misguided lies,
ready to bring destruction upon the innocent.

Do You Remember?
Remember our wounds,
as we dressed them and set out,
ready for more of the Devil's work.

Do You Remember?
Remember our tears,
upon seeing the destruction,
and realizing sometimes we aren't right.

Do You Remember?
Remember the blood,
as we picked up each marred, red-skinned body,
to lay them in a glorified heap,
and felt sorrow at the damage we caused.

Do You Remember?
Remember our hands,
as we washed them again and again,
continuously again,
as if it somehow could remove our constant guilt.


Moonlight on my windowpane,
The scent of you always the same,
The frigid cold whispers icy death,
over my shivering body.

How I long for your return,
Your warmth that devours me,
Your kiss that sends shock waves down,
to my nearly frostbitten toes.

Oh why must you go?

Return quickly silent lover,
for winter continues on while you're gone,
And you know,
I cannot take the cold,
So return again,
to leave again,
and to return.


Will You Dare?

The scent of your skin lingers here in this room,
as if your presence had never parted,
I can still feel your fingers tangled up in mine,
Who would have known we would end up like this,
after all out tiresome fights and lonely nights,
to then embrace in true lover's kiss.

It's not how perfect you always seem to look,
when your eyes with something deeper than fondness,
are looking back at me,
or even the way I cover up my face,
in all its imperfections.

It's not about the days,

But I count them religiously until I see you again,
Infatuation? Obsession?
Devoted attention? Will you stay?
Or will you dare?

Dare to lost that close connection,
like you did that once,
with an unanswered call,
and the next time,
again and again,
never ceasing to end.

But I can't lose you,
I won't, I can't, I refuse,
Don't try and diffuse this flame,
You were to blame,
But not again,
and again,