Please Stay

Sweet serendipity,
Oh remarkable boy,
The hold you have on me,
I am overjoyed,
But the question engraved in me,
Still lingers,
In the back of my ever doubtful,
And wandering mind,
Am I ready to fall again?

Fall to another one's grasps,
Left to the fate of those incandescent eyes,
That could either be the key,
To my euphoric wonderland,
Or a hell of a demise.

I am easily twisted up in one's cleverly crafted words,
They are played throughout in my mind,
As if they were original penned by him,
And who knows maybe, quite possibly, they are.

But oh,
He is fine,
And I do find that I unwind,
Deep in the grasps of his comforting arms.

Could this possibly lead me astray?
From my sweet tooth's possible decay,
Of this pure bliss that seems endless,
What happens if it should disappear?
I suppose I'll be left with a cavity,
Far too soon for the young spirit,
Of these short but drawn out years.

Can I afford to be in such a mess?
For his touch seems worth all the rest,
His smile and persuasive smile,
Captivates me,
The butterflies inside.

Does he know I feel like this?
I do believe he does,
And if I had it my own way,
He would not leave.

Please stay.


She Is One Bodacious Babe :)

So today in Biology we started watching Fern Gully! We are watching the second half tomorrow. (I'm pretty excited!) Anyways it is great because it made me laugh.

Favorite lines of the movie (so far!):

Zach: "No no, cool means hot."

Chrysta: "What?"

Zach: "Yeah. You know, bodacious, bad, tubular.."

Batty: "Awesome use of the language dude." (Said sarcastically*)

Zach: "As in.. you are one bodacious babe." (Said in some "cool guy" manner)

Chrysta: "And that's good, I mean, cool."

Zach: "Yeah, we're communicating now."

Chrysta: "Tubular.."

HAH! LOVE IT :) peace, love, I'm outta here till later :D

Interesting way to introduce yourselves don't you think? Hehe :)


Trippy Music Video! Hah.

So I have been on a desperate search to find this really trippy music video that I saw a month or so ago but could not remember what it was called! It was driving me crazy. I finally about after like 2 days remembered two of the words out of the title. I searched it on youtube and it came up as the first song! Success! So here it is in all its trippy glory :) Enjoy!