I am vulnerable,
I am weak,
I have scars that run deep.

I wish to fill,
Each empty crack,
With love like glue,
Keep me intact.

I am a broken,
Pot of clay,
To be remolded,
After each decay.


A Cycle- Hopeless Rut

Vicious cycle,
Heartbreak of another,
Countless tears,
Just surrender.

Left to rot here,
I'll die alone,
You proved me right,
Love is long gone.

It is just a myth,
A fable, a tale,
Too good to be true,
It is an epic fail.

It has failed me once,
And countless times too,
How is love real,
When it only hurts you.

My Kiss

My kiss has been traded,
Back and forth, passed around,
Given to him on the street,
Him by the car, by that pole,
On my step or driveway,
Near the woods, By a lake,
In your house, it has been used,
Wasted over again on another,
It has been poisoned and smothered,
By countless lovers,
Its purity stripped down,
The bliss has faded in each embrace,
The specialness has been removed,
Not only by enthusiastic lovers,
But also fools- wasted upon such souls,
The excitement still lingers,
But the importance is gone,
No longer genuine,special or unique,
My kiss is merely a kiss,
For it has been used by far too few lovers,
And far too many fools,
Which only to kiss, is what they seek.



A broken heart,
Is not easily mended,
You need some glue,
Like me.

I am your anchor,
I'll support you,
Rest your weary bones,
You'll make it through,
You're not alone.

God's providence,
Is here to guide you,
His arms of live you can run into,
And you always have me too.

Stupid Boy

I'm stronger than,
You'll ever be,
At least I stand for,
What I believe.

You don't love,
Or hope or dream,
All you want,
Is to use me.

Stupid boy,
I'm not naive,
You can't manipulate,
And control me.

So go ahead,
Do as you wish,
Your efforts are wasted,
When you were cherished.



My heart is not enough,
My love inadequate,
Can't please you with just myself,
You want more.

My love is insufficient,
I am not loved for me,
I could make you so happy,
If you set me free.

To force one against their beliefs,
Their religion, their desires,
Constricting me- for it is not love,
It walks on the border of hate.

I love you,
Do not let that pass by,
If you want me,
Don't cause me to cry.

Please dear darling,
If you truly love me,
Stop this insensitivity,
And accept me for who I choose to be.



The last leaf falls,
The petal droops,
Upon the most unlucky ones,
And it is such despair.

My Tea

This warm cup of tea,
Mesmerizing me,
Flows in its essence.
Through my senses,
Engaging my mind,
Body and soul, draws
Me brilliant pictures,
Recollection of,
Fondest memories.

I sip- I feel,
A rush of the changing leaves,
An autumn's breeze,
Shivers dance upon my spine,
In such a familiar way,
Flowing through each,
Delicate hair on my head.

I sip- I taste,
The sweet honey reminding me,
Of your lips along with,
The warmth of your hands,
Finding the perfect fir in mine,
The cool air on my breath,
The comfort of fall's finest treats,
Delicate pies,
Many memories,
Flood into my thoughts.

I sip- I dream,
Of unwritten poetry,
Of never ending love,
Real happiness that you,
Would see in God's arms,
Or in that old couple,
Interlacing bodies upon,
Our favorite bench,
Under two familiar oak trees,
With gnarled roots and branches,
Similar to the life we lead.

I sip- I wish,
For perfection in,
Important interests,
Strength in unnecessary,
And unusually or usually,
Difficult situations,
For love, joy,
Happiness, passion like,
We used to share.

I sip- I be,
The girl I am,
The writer in me,
The unspoken artist in,
Words and paintings,
The girl you loved,
A girl with dreams who,
Aspires to be successful,
While being free.

Flowers In This World

A flower in bloom,
With promising hope,
Pollution seeps in,
Strangles like rope.

It wants to reach the heavens,
Wants to breathe,
Wants love and admiration,
It wants to be free.

Its leaves are fading,
And petals fall,
It withers away,
Like us all.


Toxic poison,
In my lungs,
Seeping to my heart,
I come undone.

Your love was brutal,
I was used,
Your careless pretenses,
In which I muse.

This pain scrapes through me,
Gnawing my bones,
Poisoning my veins,
Killing as it flows.

Suffocating my heart,
Sucks life out of me,
It's job almost finished,
Leaves me suffering.

One final stage,
The pain leaves me numb,
One last blow,
I am undone.

Raw & Bleeding

My heart is an open wound,
A deep, raw sore,
You wear me thin,
A bleeding core.

Your dirty lies,
Sugar coated,
I drown in this pain,
You are my motive.


This destruction,
Painful stake,
Carved away at my heart.

Broken memories,
You took and consumed my heart.

You gave it back,
All tattered and torn,
I am brutally dying,
Because I am broken and worn.


My withered bones,
Can't take no more,
You tore my heart in two.

This suffocation,
I can't breathe,
It's slowly killing me.

Your venomous lies,
My growing hate,
I fall apart at the seams.

Your love was an illusion,
It got the best of me.


Undefeated But Dragging On

A blooming flower,
It's beauty untold,
A priceless treasure,
For me to hold.

A gift of blessing,
In times of need,
In times of sorrow,
You take heed.

You love me graciously,
Patch up my heart,
Give me perspective,
Help me restart.

Friends like you,
Keep my heart to beat,
Keep me pressing on,
So I don't die in defeat.

*I love you Becca Wilson. You are my friendship anchor.


Hali :)

You are a treasure,
A prize to hold,
A beacon of light,
Pure, sparkling gold.

A true friend,
Dear as can be,
My best friend,
Means the world to me.



My heart is torn in two,
I have nothing left,
Every wound re-opened,
You stole my hope- committed theft.

I am an unwanted rag,
Tattered and torn,
Left to die here,
To lay and mourn.

I am empty,
Broken apart,
My soul is dead,
You killed my heart.



Hold it all in,
Sew it together,
Ripping apart at the seams.

Empty and wounded,
Feverish nightmare,
Darling, you're haunting my dreams.


What If...

What if I can't get over you,
What if I still want you back,
What if you move on and I can't replace you,
What if every new guy hurts me or disappoints me,
What if none of them can replace you,
What if I find a new one who reminds me of you,
What if it turns out to good to be true.

Something New, Something True..

Why do I fall so fast,
For yet another,
Don't let me drown love,
I'll go under.

What is it about you,
That makes me feel this way,
That makes my heart race,
That makes me stay.

Something new,
Maybe too good to be true,
Prove me wrong sweetie,
Don't tear me in two.


Dreadfully nervous,
Your hands are warm,
Your touch- refreshing,
I am torn.

Don't want the pain,
The loss of another,
Exhausted from trying,
Wanna be loved forever.

Are you gonna let me down,
Love me so sweetly,
Or watch me drown.