Moving On

Reminisce the memories,
Sweet accord to a settled past,
The times I spent with you and me,
In the end, just didn't last.

Moving on- I have no fear,
I have a broken heart, it's true,
Awaiting for a better year,
As I slowly try to forget you.

Maybe someone new can come along,
To heal and patch up this shattered heart,
Don't worry about me; I'll be strong,
You've given me a chance to restart.

To start again, something amazing and new,
A chance to breathe, to be renewed,
I loved you with my whole heart,
But it's time to move on and to restart.

**It's been hard but moving on is the best thing for me. And by God's grace I'll make it through. I won't let this break me.


A Last Goodbye...

This pain that runs so deep,
Only a memory to keep,
The love I thought was mine,
I thought in the end, that we'd be fine.

I loved you more than you probably care,
Feeling so bruised and broken and bare,
I thought that you felt the exact same,
I guess it was just a stupid game.

Forever and always is what you said,
A lie that I always did dread,
Till you finally told me that we're through,
And showed me that your love was never true.

*Broken so bad, but he probably doesn't even care. If only he knew how I felt about him. If only he could love me no matter what. I wish I had never believed him, because once again I'm left here trying to pick up and put back together the pieces of a shattered heart. I love you even though you don't love me anymore.


Is this my fate?

I hate this,
This sucks so much,
Do you even care anymore?
Do you ever stop to think,
Hmm this might actually end up hurting her in the long run,
Its not fair, at all, it hurts me so much more than you know,
I shouldn't have to put up with this,
I love you and wish you wouldn't do this to me,
I wish you could see,
The brokenness inside of me.


Broken Down...

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster,
All because of you,
Things seem to be going great,
And then it all falls through,
And you don't even realize what it does to me,
You never understand because you can't see,
The late nights spent laying in bed,
Either contemplating or crying over some things you may have said,
And it's a ride that wears me out,
Wearing thin down to the core,
Feeling somewhat empty, and wanting something more,
Is this a ride that never ends,
When will it all just stop,
And go back to the way it should be,
Between you and me.


For You... <3

I miss you more,
Than you even know,
This separation breaks my bones,
Rips at my heart, I'm broke down to tears,
I keep reminding myself- It's only a year.

I wish you were here to hold me tight,
To sing me songs and kiss me goodnight,
To wipe away all my tears,
And to conquer all my deepest fears.

I replay over and over the fondest memories,
The ones of last summer,
The ones of you and me,
I miss those times more than words can say,
I'd give anything to have those days.

It's so hard being alone- without you,
And I know you miss me too,
But at least I know after this hard time,
You'll still be here, and You'll be mine.

M.E.L. I miss you...

I can't stand who you've become,
I can't stand how I am either,
I hate this fighting and the breaking of hearts,
We used to be so close,
And since this past November,
I've put up walls to keep you out,
Maybe not to keep you out,
But to hide the hurt I feel,
You don't understand me anymore,
And I don't think you ever will.


Thin Down To The Core...

Nothing seems right,
Everything is all wrong,
Turned upside down in the blink of an eye,
As I lay down and wonder why,
Why is this hard, why does it have to be me?
I'm breaking down day by day,
And wearing down thin to the very core,
Sometimes I feel like I can't take this anymore.
All this hurt and all this pain,
It's just a stupid game,
No one wins, in fact, we both lose,
To the downfall created by me and you,
Will it ever get better, will this pain go away?
I long for the way things were those days,
I'm sick of the tears keeping me up at night,
I'm sick of every stupid, pointless fight,
I want you back, I wish I didn't have to wait,
It's killing me inside day by day,
I need some strength, God help me now,
I've got to get through this, in some way, somehow,
I need you Lord, there's nothing for me to lean on,
Because sometimes I don't even feel like going on,
Be with me now and be with me here,
Take away all these scars, these fears,
Keep me pressing on through this hard time,
Thank you God, for You are mine.

How I feel now...

My heart is shattered into millions of little pieces,
You can't ever repair, and you don't even care.
If I was lying dead, cold on the pavement,
You would probably walk by without even a glance.
So this is what it come down to between you and me,
You leave cold and bitter- not caring what you've done to me,
And I leave this world- dying and empty.

*I had a rough night. Cried myself to sleep. I'll be okay though.