Thin Down To The Core...

Nothing seems right,
Everything is all wrong,
Turned upside down in the blink of an eye,
As I lay down and wonder why,
Why is this hard, why does it have to be me?
I'm breaking down day by day,
And wearing down thin to the very core,
Sometimes I feel like I can't take this anymore.
All this hurt and all this pain,
It's just a stupid game,
No one wins, in fact, we both lose,
To the downfall created by me and you,
Will it ever get better, will this pain go away?
I long for the way things were those days,
I'm sick of the tears keeping me up at night,
I'm sick of every stupid, pointless fight,
I want you back, I wish I didn't have to wait,
It's killing me inside day by day,
I need some strength, God help me now,
I've got to get through this, in some way, somehow,
I need you Lord, there's nothing for me to lean on,
Because sometimes I don't even feel like going on,
Be with me now and be with me here,
Take away all these scars, these fears,
Keep me pressing on through this hard time,
Thank you God, for You are mine.