Falling To Pieces

The distance is ripping,
Tearing my heart,
I'm trying to keep myself together,
But I'm falling apart.

The miles are overwhelming,
Each city you pass is killing me,
I want to run after you,
Why do you have to leave?

I need your touch,
Your thirty minute distance,
Your arms around me,
Your comforting glances.

I don't want to give up,
I want to carry on,
Two months is short,
But the journey is long.

I'm afraid and scared,
Don't know what to do with myself,
I need your constant support,
Or I can't make it through this hell.


It's ripping,
And tearing,
Pulling at the seams,
And my head is spinning,
My heart- it screams,
Screams for you to be right here,
Two months isn't long,
But it feels like a year,
And I miss you,
I need you,
I don't do well on my own,
Please come back home,