How can you listen to your heart,
When it's being pulled in different directions,
How can you listen to your soul,
When you're in a state of perplexion.

Is your mind correct,
If it's telling you yes and no,
Is your feeling to be followed,
When you don't know which way to go.

If you feel your head spinning,
Does it mean you will fall,
Will you crash and burn,
Or not even at all.

Is each line leaving you more and more confused,
Each word contradicting,
Are you unsure of your end,
If it's so unpredictable.


Endless Wounds

Another tear-filled night,
Another broken heart,
How long will it even be,
Until I completely fall apart?

No time to heal,
While I take another blow,
A hammer to my chest,
Then the tears overflow.

Destination Point

Don't love,
Don't dream,
Don't hope,
It's all a scheme.

They build you up,
Just to watch you break,
They fill you with lies,
Stab your heart with a stake.

Tears are frequent,
And pain is too,
If I had known this destination point,
I wouldn't have met you.


Freeze Frame

Heart beating,
Time stops,
Kiss me more,
My heart pops.

So unreal,
Perfectly true,
To good to be,
How did I find you?


Arms around me,
Full of grace,
Heart of gold,
And a smiling face.

Captivate me,
Stay a while,
Kiss me longer,
Make me smile.

Hold my heart,
Protect me,
Hand in hand,
Meant to be.


The Moment You Saw Me Cry

Didn't deserve your kindness,
Thankful for the generosity,
You wiped my tears,
And made me feel,
More special than I'll ever be.

A hopeful start,
Still an open wound,
A kiss for me to hold,
To precious to be told.


Gnawing at your very core,
Spread the hole,
A deep, raw sore.

An open wound,
You drown in salt,
A passion only to be doomed.

And aching thought,
Buried deep in your heart,
That burns until you're finally caught.


Screamed your name,
Begged for more,
Push you away,
Bring you back for more.

Haunting me,
That lust-filled sight,
Wanting you,
You stole my light.

I wanted you bad,
But not like this,
The poison already seething,
Beneath each sip.

How can I stop you?
You've got me hooked,
Trapped in a deadly vice,
I turned and took another look.


Cannot live,
Cannot breathe,
Guilt and worry,
Consume me.

How could I do that,
Yet I wanted you so bad,
But it leaves me dazed,
And worried and sad.

My Own Grave

Falling apart,
Dug into a hole,

Starting to suffocate,
Save my wretched soul.

Wanting you,
But trust not yet gained,
Don't wanna screw things up,
My expression is pained.

I can't feel my lungs,
My body I collapse,
I've dug my own grave,
Never to get out- Perhaps.



You kissed me hard,
I kissed you back,
I don't regret a thing.

I want you bad,
Can't leave me now,
You've ignited a fire in me.


You give me butterflies,
You make me weak,
I let my guard down,
Be with me.

I cannot take,
Us being apart,
Cant you see how perfect we've been,
From the very start?

Scared of being hurt,
But willing to open up one more time,
I know it may be risky,
But I want you to be mine.

I Burn For You

Torn between,
Two desires,
Right or wrong,
Fuel the fire.

Burning passion,
Dowse the flame,
Hold it in,
Always the same.

Wanting something,
You can't have or obtain,
It's killing me,
Hide the pain.

Fly Away

Sincere simplicity,
Is never an option,
For a girl all alone,
A girl with a passion.

A passion to love,
To hope and to dream,
To be captivated,
With desires unseen.

But pay no heed,
Her wings never spread,
Her heart tied down,
Her hunger unfed.


Inside Out

Life is twisted,
It plays a game,
It bends and breaks you,
It slowly brings pain.

Love taunts your aching soul,
As you watch another lover,
Make you have this crave,
When you only go under.

It's unfair at worst,
And miserable at best,
Someone save me,
Put my soul to rest.



So tangible, delicious,
So smooth in my mouth,
I savor each syllable,
Every one that comes out.

A delight and so wonderful,
Such flavor in each sound,
An endless supply,
With so many to be found.

Each one so unique,
Such beauty to use,
A prize so precious and meek,
Its value to uphold.



Transparent and crystal clear,

No worry or care or fear,

Other than the vague possibility,

Of a familiar finger,

Or some other thin point,

To take its journey to an end,

And shatter it's dreams,

Or possibility to hope,

Without being destroyed.


Your Construed Words

Empty desire,
Foolish hope,
Maybe not,
But I learn to cope.

Hidden answers,
Words unclear,
Give me knowledge,
Vanquish this fear.



Don't you just love,
To watch my soul,
Slowly writhe in pain.

A tortured heart,
A broken bone,
To you it's all the same.


Save My Soul

Sorrow flows freely,
Can't contain it any longer,
It hurts too deeply,
As tears line my face now.

A heart to be broken,
Black runs down my face,
An ache in my burdened soul,
Of despise and disgrace.



Actions are louder than words,
But her words leave distaste in my mouth,
I want to breathe again- I need to get out.


Fill My Lungs

Days are long,
Nights are hell,
I ache for only you,
Can you tell?

Deprivation consumes me,
I miss you love,
I can't breathe.



Forbidden to love,
Forbidden to breathe,
Why don't you just suffocate me?

Forbidden to hope,
Forbidden to dream,
You might as well just finish me.

Forbidden to care,
I need to scream,
Can't you see how you've killed me?

Withered Bones

Fuck my life,
My withered bones,
My beating heart,
Turns to stone.

I'm cold and dead,
You've dug my grave,
You chose to kill me,
Instead of save.

On The Verge Of Losing It

I'm aching to live,
Aching to breathe,
I can't take this poison,
It's killing me.

You leave me with nothing,
But a wish to die,
I wish you could save me,
You could've but didn't try.

So all that's left now,
Is to take the plunge,
And maybe you'll miss me,
Once I'm gone.


Nothing left inside of me,
Kill me now, cause I can't breathe,
I'm ready to die, you've ripped open my heart,
You've left me with nothing but to fall apart,
This pain is poison, it's killing my soul,
If nothing's left, death will surely take its toll,
I'm already dying each day, you can't save me now,
I can't sustain any longer, end this somehow.

Shrinking Away

Rip apart my soul,
Tear open my heart,
Gnawing a large hole,
As I slowly fall apart.

Give me a knife,
A hatchet, a gun,
Just end my life,
Cause death's already begun.

All I Am Is Scattered Ashes

Slowly dying,
Kill me now,
Pain is seething,
Die somehow.

Bury my heart,
Chain down my soul,
Ripped apart,
Death takes its toll.

Nothing left here,
Scatter my ashes,
Guilt in each tear,
As my life passes.