Thoughts on Today...

So today was okay, got to hang out with Catherine.
That was fun.
But that was really the only fun I had today.
Still wondering though,
Is this ever gonna get easier God?
When? And why me?
When will you take this hurt from me?
What did I do to have to go through this...
It doesn't feel fair, and yeah yeah I know,
"Life isn't fair but everything happens for a reason"
I wish i just knew what that reason was
And I wish God that you would take this away,
I'm so sick of this pain and hurt.
I want things to be good in my life again.
I want my parents not to fight and to not have to need to go to counseling.
I want my mistakes taken back and things with that situation go back to being good again.
I wish I wasn't unsure of who I can truly trust or not. I want my happy life back.
I'm so tired of feeling like this.
Please God, if possible, make this go soon.