Random Thoughts of Nothing-ness..

Found some old Cd's my dad had burned me from forever long ago. In the midst of them, two Nathan Beaver Cd's that I had forgotten about. I've forgotten how amazing these songs are and his lyrics. Music for the soul. If you've never heard him, definitely look him up, his music is incredible. The lyrics are so true and full of thought and ah- I just absolutely love it. Haha doubt he remembers me and my dad, who knows maybe he does- still wish I could have had his brother, Andy Beaver, as a teacher at Dominion. Sadly at the time he was there, I was just a little tot. Haha. Man time really does fly. I cannot believe I am gonna be a junior next year. That just seems so ridiculous. I don't feel that old. I'm ready to be grown up and such but at the same time it just seems so odd. Haha. Ugh so on a different note, life is stressful in so many ways lately. Where would I even begin...Yeah. I've been so stressed that I've had writer's block and haven't been able to write any decent poetry worth posting on here- ehhh.

Today seemed to be the worst of all. Maybe I'm just moody because it's the end of the year or maybe just because it seems like anyone and everyone is pushing my buttons just the right way- ugh. One more week plus finals then summer. Which I was so excited for..Eh kinda excited still but not as much. Lately with situations and daily crap, it seems to get less and less exciting *whatever oh well*. So yeah story of my life- blah blah blah. I'll just shut up now. Not much left to say. Just tired and done with trying to please everyone in every way they possibly want me to- all the while just sitting back and being unhappy. I'm done, I've had enough. I'm not perfect and no matter what I do I can't seem to please anyone no matter how hard I try.

I could really use some coffee now and a good book...

Till something better comes to mind or my brain can actually function to write something worthwhile...

-Me :)