Her Empty Smile

Can you see her spirit drop,
Can you see her head fall,
Can you feel her heart break,
As she holds it in with a half-hearted smile.

Can you read her every thought,
Can you know how hard she falls,
Every time she sees that face,
The scars re-open and the wounds grow deeper,
Do you see how hard she conceals all these?

Can you feel the sting behind her every tear,
Can you ache with the tiredness of every sleepless night,
Can you feel the wall she’s built around her,
Can you experience the fear inside her heart,
Do you know she’s afraid to be alone?

Are you aware of the memories she hides beneath that face,
Are you aware of the pain when she walks into the same room,
Are you aware of all the salt that is poured into her wounds,
Are you aware that no one knows,
Truth is, she probably covers it quite well,
Hidden beneath an empty smile.

*Wrote this on Wednesday on the drive down to Florida.