I'm So Very Sorry

To my dearest and loving dad,
An apology more than deserving,
To say how deeply sorry I am.
For the rebellion I have had,
For my anger and my bitterness,
For pushing you away,
For all the times I've hurt you,
Without understanding your pain,
We've both been hurting for a long time,
And you by far more than me,
I never have hated you,
It was just my cry of being lonely,
I'm sorry for my defensive side,
And always putting up a fight,
I'm sorry for the hurt I've caused,
I only want to now make things right,
I know sometimes you can't even look at me,
I can hardly blame you,
I hope you'll except my apology,
I mean it from the depths of my heart,
No matter what we've been through,
I admire you for your strength and heart,
And I deeply love you.