So I'm gonna close down my other blog I think and journal on here too as well as still posting poetry. But anyways here is what's new I guess. I love this website called Stumble Upon because it is great and I've found some neat stuff like:

Oh and I also love this website called TED! It's really neat so I think you should check it out. It's quite wonderful.

Anyways other than that, everything else has been basically the s
ame. Wake up, school, eat, more school, eat, homework, sleep (maybe). Repeat. Blah I'm so interesting. I haven't had much time for anything else lately which stinks because I miss my best friend. ARG! <-- hehe. I haven't hung out with Becca Wilson in forever. I miss her like crazy and this weekend is booked except for Sundays (which on Sunday she can't usually hang out = frowny face). So I'm hoping we can hang out soon. It's making me sad not being able to have time to hang out. I'm gonna call her tonight. I need that closeness back, that reconnection because it is really important to me. OH and... I finally made a decision! Not gonna cheer next year. Yep not gonna do it. It's not worth all the stress, bad grades, bad GPA, tiredness, crankiness and putting up with people that either offend me, are rude to me, or push the right buttons on me to where it takes away from me enjoying the game. And my coaches don't seem to like me. I also want to focus more on my schoolwork, art and literature. Yep. There's that.

Anyways a few pics of good memories of last time I hung out with Becca! She's so pretty. I love my best friend.